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Lingoda German courses

You can choose one of 320 online German classes offered by language school Lingoda:

„In order to support the refugees who are waiting for changes in their migration status in Germany, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Germany (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) is granting an opportunity to take part in a fully subsidized German language course.The language course starts weekly and includes 320 classes that can be booked for the duration of 8 weeks.

You can claim the course if ….

  1. You have a passport from Syria, Iran, Irak, or Eritrea
  2. You have been granted an „Aufenthaltsgestattung – zur Durchführung des Asylverfahrens“ (BÜMA)
  3. You have access to the internet“


Deutsche Welle language courses

The Deutsche Welle radio programme offers German courses in different languages, maybe it’s a good idea to check it out. There’s learning material for teachers and learners in different languages like Arabic and Albanian.

Go to this link:

On the bottom of the page on the right side there’s a menu where you can choose your language and see all the programmes offered to learners from different countries:

Deutsche Welle Sprachkurs Menu


Learn German with music: Welcomegrooves

A special kind of German course is called „Welcomegrooves“:

Welcomegrooves enables you to learn some initial words, sentences and common phrases, and gives a little information about German culture. The entry-level course uses music to impart language. This makes learning easier.

Listen to the lessons whilst reading the translated transcripts in your native language or a language of your choice. MP3 files of the language lessons and PDF documents of the translated transcripts are available for download here.“

أهلاً وسهلاً!

الحمد لله على السلامة! إن الشعور بالطمأنينة عند الوصول الى بلد آمن يصبح أقوى عندما تفهم اللغة. بواسطة “أهلاً وسهلاً غروفس” welcomegrooves تتعلم أولى الكلمات والجمل والعبارات وبعض المعلومات عن الثقافة الألمانية. إن هذا الدرس المجاني للمبتدئين يساعد على تعلم اللغة عن طريق الموسيقى ويسهل الدراسة استمع الى الدروس واقرأ ترجمتها الى لغتك الأم أو الى لغة اخرى حسب اختيارك. ستجد الدروس اللغوية على شكل ملف رقمي والترجمة كنص ب. د. ف. يمكن تحميله من هنا.



Learn German with a language „shower“ from Jicki. You can download it to your smartphone and start learning:



Two European education start-ups teamed up for supporting refugees with free access to German and English online courses: BUSUU and ICOON.

You can get information and the download links for the language learning apps for Android phones and iPhones here. 


All German and English language courses by busuu are now available for free to Arab-speaking users. Classes contain more than 200 audiovisual course units per language and cover everyday topics like “food”, “at the supermarket”, “clothing” or “at the doctor”. These free classes are currently available for mobile Android devices.


The picture dictionary app ICOON contains a selection of a thousand of the most important symbols and photos from the picture dictionary. A version specifically developed for the needs of refugees with more than 2.000 symbols, photos and phrases as well as an app for Android devices will become available shortly.


Goethe Institut game app

The Goethe Institut also offers and online language course for learning German. It’s a game you can play alone or with friends, you can improve your skills and earn rewards.


German by Skype – learning German language via Skype

Learn German language using Skype – good quality classes, prices starting from $2/hour. A huge selection of our tutors are native speakers, honest reviews from students – select a knowledgable tutor. Studying German using Skype is hugely popular because you can stay at your own home, having freedom while getting low value lessons. Have lessons by Skype to do business from every corner of the earth, at any time.

Dictionaries and picture books for learning and translating

German course book – free download PDF

Volunteers in Munich (Flüchtlingshilfe München) developed a little book for learning German, you can use it to teach yourself as well (beginner level), Download the PDF file here:

Die deutsche Sprache – erste Schritte (German only)


Die deutsche Sprache – erste Schritte (German/Arabic)

The little books for learning German (first steps) are now available for download in 5 languages:
Englisch (5 MB)
Arabisch: niedrige Auflösung (9 MB) / hohe Auflösung (50 MB)
Farsi (Persisch/Iran) (8 MB)
Dari (Persisch/Afghanistan) (8 MB)
Tigrinisch (Eritrea/Äthiopien) (9 MB)
Französisch (5 MB)
Nur Deutsch (ohne Übersetzung) (5 MB)


PONS picture dictionary

PONS offers a picture dictionary with 3.000 images that helps learning 15.000 words and idioms in German as well as translating in everyday life. It costs 9,99 Euro.









Communication boards in different languages

Communication boards in different languages help refugees to communicate the most important things. They can be downloaded and printed out.


Watch German videos and TV online

You can find a lot of German videos and tv shows online, some of them come with subtitles. On his blog, Andrew made a list of online videos that you can watch for free in order to learn the language and improve your German.


German videos for kids

You can watch the German TV programme „Sendung mit der Maus“ in various languages: Arabic, Kurdish, English and Dari.

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